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Let’s face it – so many of us love our pyjama bottoms, long after we’ve theoretically grown too old to wear them. So, what do we do – keep on wearing them even at the point when they’ve long become stained, dated and too small? Dress in something more sensible for bed, like a pair of shorts and a shirt? Or what about, erm, just buying some funky new ones?

Pink Brushed Cotton Pyjamas

As you might imagine, here at Pj-s, our answer to that age-old quandary is definitely the latter. We produce all manner of women’s pyjama bottoms in an assortment of fun designs, so whether you want something a bit more traditionally ‘pink and girly’ or just plain old eye-catching, stylish and fun, there will be something for you in our complete online store!

What pyjama bottoms can you buy from us?

 Here at Pj-s, we make pyjamas specifically for those who only require the bottoms, rather than a matching top. It means you’ve got a vast range of women’s pyjama bottoms from which to choose in any number of amazing colours and designs, all with the freedom of pairing them with whatever top you already have in your chest of drawers.

Perhaps it’s our brushed pink and turquoise design that’ll most capture your imagination, or – continuing the ‘all things pink’ theme – our pink rose and pink check bottoms? The latter makes for a slightly more ‘feminine’ look, which you can complete with a camisole that’ll have everyone in your family commenting on how cool and chilled-out you seem.

Alternatively, why not take a look at our cheeky pink Union Jack pyjama bottoms? We can’t think of a better way to simultaneously signal your patriotism and your love of pink... 

Turquoise personalised brushed cotton pyjama bottoms

No one makes pyjama bottoms quite like us!

Our women’s pyjama bottoms aren’t just about fun and funky colours and patterns, of course – not least because it’s not as if you’re buying them from just any old big-brand store.

Our little company was established well over a decade ago now, and we’ve continued to produce pyjama bottoms from 100% cotton for children and adults alike. Purchase your next pair of pyjama bottoms from us, and you can expect lovely soft brushed cotton, a roomy leg and an easy elastic waist that’ll help to make these some of the most comfortable pyjama bottoms you ever wear.

Add our gift wrapping and personalisation options, and there’s really no need for you to shop anywhere else for the most fashionable, well-made and comfortable women’s pyjama bottoms!  

Red Brushed cotton pyjamas  

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