It doesn’t get any more patriotic than a pair of Union Jack pyjamas!

How proud are you of your country? Are you proud enough to even wear a Union Jack to bed? If you aren’t, you may soon be when you discover our selection of Union Jack pyjamas


Union Jack Pj-s Team GB

Whether you call it the Union Jack, the Union Flag or even the Royal Union Flag, the design combining the red cross of St George, the white saltire of St Andrew and the red saltire of St Patrick is simply iconic. It’s recognised across the world, and probably puts you in mind of all manner of unmistakably British things, ranging from Bulldogs and the Mini to red phone boxes and post boxes.

The Union Jack also shows up, of course, in some slightly less ‘likely’ places, and we bet that until now, you never imagined clambering into your own country’s flag to go to sleep at night! However, that’s exactly what our Union Jack pyjamas here at Pj-s enable you to do.

Great British pyjamas for you, your kids and loved ones

Now, before we go any further, you might be tempted to ask: “What gives you the right to put our glorious country’s flag on a pair of pyjamas?” Well, it helps that we’re a great British company ourselves!

Team GB flag and pyjamas

We are two sisters, Lucy and Anna, and we have been in business making pyjamas together for 12 years now. While we are still a small company compared to the big-brand manufacturers, we now produce more than 4,000 pyjama bottoms a year, and it’s clear which design of the many in our range particularly captures people’s imaginations.

Yes, that’s right – it’s our Union Jack designs, which we send all over the world. We offer not only pyjama bottoms, but also shorts and boxers with the same look. You might fall in love with our blue or pink Union Jack pyjama bottoms that combine a roomy leg with an easy elastic waist for comfort, their designs highly distinctive thanks to their combination of the flag with good old-fashioned gingham.

Team GB British celebration with pyjamas!

Similar designs are used for our boxers and girls’ shorts – the latter perfect for combining with a strappy top or t-shirt for the most relaxed look. Those investing in the longer pyjama bottoms, meanwhile, may be interested in offsetting it with a t-shirt or camisole.

With all of these products available in sizes ranging from 4 right up to adult sizes, you, your kids and any loved ones for whom you may wish to buy a patriotic present will be delighted!

We’re truly proud to be British

With our Union Jack pyjamas also being made in the UK (where else?), you really couldn’t choose anything better in which to flaunt your love of Queen and country in bed this Christmas. Certainly, if you purchased them as a gift but kept them for yourself, we wouldn’t blame you...

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