About Us

Pj-s was founded 18 years ago by two sisters, Lucy and Anna. Their intention was to make one-off pairs of pyjama bottoms for their children, who didn’t want matching tops and the idea quickly spread; now they have been known to make them for whole schools! Each pair contains two different materials, all 100% cotton.

Both Lucy and Anna’s families are involved in this small company, which started with a few sewing machines around the kitchen table, but has quickly grown and now they make (with a little help) over 4000 pairs a year! They make them for ages 4 to adults.

As well as pyjama bottoms, they have increased their designs to shorts for girls and boxers for men, all to include their love of bright, wacky printed fabrics. “Union Jack’s are the favourites; we send them all over the world”, Anna says, “although many girls wear the red pair, we also wanted to offer them a more 'girly' alternative; hence the pink union jack bottoms.”

We pride ourselves on creating pyjamas that are not only fun, but practical and long lasting, and are forever hearing stories from parents that have to buy a second pair so they can wash the first!