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  • If there’s any type of pyjamas that is a dead-cert all-time classic, it’s spotty PJs. It seems that almost all of us have had a pair of these at some point in our lives – and now, you can have an amazing pair of spotty pyjamas once more, with a little help from ourselves here at Pj-s! It’s incr... View Post
  • There's no better source of wonderfully personalised pyjamas

    Think back to your childhood, and there was almost certainly a favourite pair of pyjamas that you basically always wore, no matter what. Maybe there was just something about the pattern or colour of them that you loved, or perhaps they were simply so supremely comfortable, you couldn't even imagi... View Post
  • You’ve come to the right place for women’s pyjama bottoms

    Let’s face it – so many of us love our pyjama bottoms, long after we’ve theoretically grown too old to wear them. So, what do we do – keep on wearing them even at the point when they’ve long become stained, dated and too small? Dress in something more sensible for bed, like a pair of shorts and a... View Post