There's no better source of wonderfully personalised pyjamas

Think back to your childhood, and there was almost certainly a favourite pair of pyjamas that you basically always wore, no matter what. Maybe there was just something about the pattern or colour of them that you loved, or perhaps they were simply so supremely comfortable, you couldn't even imagine having anything else on in bed?

Personalised Pyjama Bottoms

Even better, your Mum or Dad may have gone as far as having your pyjamas personalised for you with your own name. How awesome was that? Well, those times can be back, thanks to our ability to provide you with amazing personalised pyjamas right here at Pj-s!

Simple, but beautifully created 'bed wear'

We are two sisters, Lucy and Anna, who started this company some 12 years ago now. It all began simply because we wanted to give our children some one-off pairs of pyjama bottoms, yet here we are so many years later, creating more than 4,000 pairs a year for everyone from four-year-olds to adults.

If you've been browsing our online product selection already, we're sure you'll have noticed that we love our vibrant, wacky designs - even incorporating the Union Jack in some cases! Made from 100% soft cotton, even our 'standard' pyjamas are pretty great things to relax in, given such features as their roomy leg and easy elastic waist.

But of course, we realise that for many of you, it's the ability to personalise your pyjamas that may have led you to shop with us. The great news is that it really couldn't be easier, whether you're only interested in buying one pair or are ordering in bulk. All that you have to do is specify the 'personalisation' option on the page of the product you want, before entering the desired name and choosing a font colour from our broad range.

Ella Personalised Navy Blue Pyjama Bottoms

Choose only us for personalised pyjamas

With the option to have the legs of your pyjama bottoms personalised when you purchase them from Pj-s, as well as similar treatment for the inside waistbands of any shorts or boxers that you order in bulk, you really couldn't choose a better source of personalised sleepwear than us.

Why not get your New Year off to a fun and, well, more comfortable start with a little help from our personalised pyjamas that are available in such a broad assortment of colours, patterns and designs? 

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