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It’s amazing to think that it’s just 13 years since we first began to make one-off pairs of pyjama bottoms here at Pj-s. We are two sisters – Lucy and Anna – who only even embarked on this journey because we wished to make distinctive pyjama bottoms for our own children, and didn’t want matching tops. Now, we make more than 4,000 pairs a year, for everyone from four-year-olds to adults.

Pj-s Blue Tartan Pyjama bottoms

What makes our pyjama bottoms so special?

Well, you only really need to browse our present range to appreciate that! While all of our pyjamas are made from 100% cotton, they’re otherwise pretty varied. You may be on the lookout for brushed red royal pyjama bottoms with a roomy leg and an easy elastic waist, or perhaps something with a design incorporating stars, cars, pink hearts, red spots or even the Union Jack!

Whatever you’re looking for as far as pyjama bottoms are concerned, we’ll almost certainly be able to make it for you here at Pj-s. We offer comfortable bottoms in an assortment of designs that both children and adults love, so whether you’re seeking the perfect sleepwear for your little ones or something for you to snooze or walk to and from the bathroom in, we’re sure we’ll have just the thing.

Red Blue Check Pyjama bottoms for Pj-s Blog

But there’s more...

Yes, that’s right – we feel blessed here at Pj-s to know our skills have been in such demand that we have been able to introduce both boxers and shorts to our product range. Again, there are plenty of quirky and vibrant printed fabrics from which to choose, encompassing the likes of gingham, flamingo, elephants, lobsters, rose and – of course – Union Jack motifs.

Bear in mind that we are happy to provide suitably personalised items too, whether you wish to do so for individual pairs or bulk orders. What about pyjama bottoms incorporating your own choice of text, for example, or if you’re ordering more than 10 pairs of shorts or boxers, even personalised inside waistbands?

We’re the place to come for fun, practical and long-lasting PJs

Remember that we don’t just serve individuals here at Pj-s, but also the needs of parties, charities, universities, clubs and other groups and organisations that may wish to take advantage of our bulk order service. Buy PJs online from Pj-s today, and as well as benefitting from great pyjamas or similar products at a great price, you really can be sure of supporting the best of British.

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